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About the internal hard disk

The internal hard disk drive (HDD) is a fragile piece of

equipment. Please use the recorder following the
guidelines below to protect against possible HDD

We recommend that you back up your important

recordings onto DVD discs in order to protect against

accidental loss.

• Do not move the recorder while it is on.

• Install and use the recorder on a stable, level


• Do not block the rear vent/cooling fan.

• Do not use the recorder in excessively hot or humid

places, or in places that may be subject to sudden

changes in temperature. Sudden changes in
temperature can cause condensation to form inside
the recorder. This can be a cause of HDD failure.

• While the recorder is switched on, do not unplug

from the wall socket or switch the electricity off from
the breaker switch.

• Do not move the recorder immediately after

switching it off. If you need to move the recorder,

please follow the steps below:

1. After the message POWER OFF is shown in the

display, wait at least two minutes.

2. Unplug from the wall socket.

3. Move the recorder.

• If there’s a power failure while the recorder is on

there is a chance that some data on the HDD will

be lost.

• The HDD is very delicate. If used improperly or in

an unsuitable environment, it is possible that the

HDD will fail after a few years of use. Signs of

problems include playback unexpectedly freezing
and noticeable block noise (mosaic) in the picture.

However, sometimes there will be no warning signs

of HDD failure.

If the HDD fails, no playback of recorded material

will be possible. In this case it will be necessary to

replace the HDD unit.

Remote Control Operation

Point the Remote Control at the remote sensor and

press the buttons.


Do not mix old and new batteries. Never mix different

types of batteries (standard, alkaline, etc.).

Remote Control Battery Installation

Remove the battery cover on the

rear of the Remote Control, and
insert two R03 (size AAA)

batteries with O and O matched



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