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Audio Settings

Lock (Parentai Controi) Settings

Each DVD disc has a variety of audio output options.

Set the recorder’s Audio Output according to the type
of audio system you use.

Dolby Digital / DTS / MPEG

• [Bitstream]: Seiect “Bitstream” if you connect the

recorder’s DiGiTALAUDiO OUTPUT jack to an

ampiifier or other equipment with a Doiby Digitai,

DTS or MPEG decoder.

• [PCM] (for Doiby Digitai / MPEG): Seiect when

connected to a two-channei digitai stereo ampiifier.

DVDs encoded in Doiby Digitai or MPEG wiii be

automaticaiiy downmixed to two-channei PCM

• [Off] (for DTS): if you seiect “Off”, the DTS signai is

not output through the DiGiTAL AUDiO OUTPUT


Sampling Frequency

if your receiver or ampiifier is NOT capabie of

handiing 96 kHz signais, seiect [48 kHz]. When this

choice is made, this unit wiii automaticaiiy convert any

96 kHz signais to 48 kHz so your system can decode


if your receiver or ampiifier is capabie of handiing

96 kHz signais, seiect [96 kHz]. When this choice is

made, this unit wiii pass each type of signai through

without any further processing.

DRC (Dynamic Range Control)

With the DVD format, you can hear a program’s
soundtrack in the most accurate and reaiistic

presentation possibie, thanks to digitai audio

technoiogy. However, you may wish to compress the

dynamic range of the audio output (the difference
between the ioudest sounds and the quietest ones).

Then, you may iisten to a movie at a iower voiume
without iosing ciarity of sound. Set DRC to [ON] for
this effect.


Set Vocai to [ON] oniy when a muiti-channei karaoke

DVD is piaying. The karaoke channeis on the disc wiii
mix into normai stereo sound.

Lock System

Aiiows you to set up specific programs and ratings
through biocking schemes. Aiso aiiows you to activate

or disabie aii of the iock schemes previousiy set up. A
password is required to gain access to the iock menu
options. When the Lock System is set to [OFF], the

Parentai Guidance is not effective.
1. Seiect [Lock System] option then press ►.

2. To access the Lock System, DVD Rating, Parentai

Guidance, Set Password and Area Code features,

you must input the 4-digit password you created.

if you have not yet entered a password you are

prompted to do so.

input a 4-digit code. Enter it again to verify, if you

make a mistake, press CLEAR.

3. Seiect [ON] or [OFF] using the A / T buttons.

4. Press ENTER to confirm your setting.

DVD Rating

Biocks piayback of rated DVDs based on their

content. Not aii discs are rated.

1. Seiect [DVD Rating] option then press ►.

2. Foiiow step 2 as shown “Lock System”.

3. Seiect a rating using the A / T buttons.

[1] - [8]: Rating one (1) has the most restrictions
and rating eight (8) is the ieast restrictive.

[No Limit]: if you seiect [No Limit], parentai controi

is not active and the disc piays in fuii.

4. Press ENTER to confirm your rating seiection.


if you set a rating for the recorder, aii disc scenes with

the same rating or iower are piayed. Higher rated
scenes are not piayed uniess an aiternate scene is

avaiiabie on the disc. The aiternative must have the

same rating or a iower one. if no suitabie aiternative is
found, piayback stops. You must enter the 4-digit

password or change the rating ievei in order to piay

the disc.


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