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Teletext Operation

Teletext is an optional function, therefore only those
with the teletext system can receive the teletext


Teletext is a free service broadcast by some TV
stations which gives up-to-the-minute information on

news, weather, television programs, share prices and
many other topics.

The teletext decoder can support the SIMPLE
systems. SIMPLE (standard teletext) consists of a

number of pages which are selected by directly

entering the corresponding page number.

Teletext in Service

The recorder gives you access to teletext which is

greatly improved in various aspects such as text and
graphics. This teletext can be accessed by special

teletext services and specific services which

broadcast teletext.

1. Press number or PR (-


-/-) buttons to select a

program which broadcast teletext.


Press m (TEXT) to access on the teletext.


Follow the indications on teletext and move onto

the next or previous step by pressing colour (RED

or GREEN) or SKIP (!◄◄ / ►>!) buttons and so


Press H) (TEXT) or RETURN (<Ti) to switch off

teletext and return to TV viewing.

Teletext on/off



Press m (TEXT) to switch to teletext.

The initial page or last page appears on the
Two page numbers, TV station name, date and
time are displayed on the screen headline. The
first page number indicates your selection, while
the second shows the current page displayed.


Press H) (TEXT) or RETURN (<Ti) to switch off



If your TV is in zoom mode, the Telext menu screen

may be cut off.

In this case, set the TV’s zoom mode to normal to

display the menu screen properly.

Page selection



Enter the desired page number as a three digit
number with the numbered buttons.
If during selection you press a wrong number, you
must complete the three digit number and then
re-enter the correct page number.


Use RED/GREEN buttons to move up and down

Special Teletext Functions


(MIX) button

Displays the teletext pages superimposed on the TV


To switch the TV picture off press this button again.


(INDEX) button

The teletext pages are colour coded along the bottom

of the screen and are selected by pressing the

corresponding coloured button.

US (FREEZE) button

Stops the automatic page change which will occur if a

tele-text page consists of 2 or more sub pages. When
this button is pressed the stop symbol is displayed at
the top left-hand corner of the screen and the

automatic page change is inhibited. To continue press

this button again.


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