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3D Surround






This unit can produce a 3D Surround effect, which
simuiates muiti-channei audio piayback from two
conventionai stereo speakers, instead of the five or

more speakers normaiiy required to iisten to
muitichannei audio from a home theatre system.

1. Press DiSPLAY twice during piayback.

The On-Screen Dispiay appears on the TV screen.

2. Use A / T to seiect the Sound icon in the

On-Screen Dispiay.

3. Use ◄/► to seiect “3D SUR”.

To turn off the 3D Surround effect, seiect

Last Condition Memory urin

This recorder memorizes the user settings for the iast

disc that you have viewed. Settings remain in memory
even if you remove the disc from the recorder or

switch off the recorder, if you ioad a disc that had its
settings memorized, the iatest stop position is

automaticaiiy recaiied.


Settings are stored in memory for use any time.

• This recorder does not memorize settings of a disc,

if you press STOP twice or switch off the recorder

before commencing to piay it.

PIP (Picture in Picture)






Karaoke DVD



1. Press RANDOM during piayback.

The unit automaticaiiy begins Random Piayback
and “RANDOM” appears on the TV screen.

2. To return to normai piayback, press RANDOM untii

“NORMAL” appears on the TV screen.


By pressing SKiP during Random piayback, the
unit seiects another titie (track) and resumes Random



This function oniy works with DVD Karaoke discs or

video CDs without PBC.

• On a Video CD with PBC, you must set PBC to OFF

in the Setup menu to use the Random function. See

page 25.

This function enabies you to view the stored stations

in sub picture during piayback.

On and off

Press PiP to switch on the sub picture, press this

button again to switch it off.

Input mode selection for sub picture

Press AV to select the input mode for the sub

picture. Each time this button is pressed, each input

mode for the sub picture is displayed as shown


Tuner ^ AVI ^ AV2

Program selection for sub picture

Use PR (-


-/-) to change the program when sub

picture’s input is set to tuner. The selected program

number is displayed on the TV screen. You can

view the selected program by pressing STOP (■).

Sub picture position change

Press ◄ / ► repeatedly until desired position is

achieved. The sub picture moves clockwise or

counter clockwise.

Zoom Sub picture

Press ZOOM repeatedly to enlarge the sub picture,

the magnification level increases up to three steps.


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