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Program Selection

You can select a program as shown below.

Number buttons

Use Number (0-9) buttons to select a program directly.

FAV button

Press to scroll through your favourite programs.

PR +/- buttons

Use PR


on the remote control or PROG A / T on

the front panel to cycle the recorder through the

programs In memory.

Program List

Three types of program lists are provided for easy and

quick program searching.

ANALOGUE TV: The list of all analogue TV


DIGITAL TV: The list of all digital TV programs.

RADIO: The list of all Radio programs.

Displaying Channel List and Changing


You can display channel list using the ENTER button

and switch Into other channel on the channel list.

1. Press ENTER while watching a program to display

the channel list.

Select your desired channel using the .
press ENTER to change the channel.

. / T and

Switching Program List

You can switch the program list to DIGITAL TV,

1. Press A to move the highlight position to top of the

program list.

2. Press ◄ / ► to select a [DIGITAL TV],

Selected program list appears.

Dispiaying the Favourite Program List

You can display favourite channel list: The list of the
favourite channels with several-groups that you can

organise channels by your private taste.


To set a favourite program, use [Program Edit] option

In the Setup menu. (See page 18.)

1. Press ENTER while watching a program to display

the program list.

2. Press Red button. The favourite options appears.

3. Press A / T to select a favourite option then press


The selected option’s program list appears.




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