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Disc Format

If you load a completely blank disc, the recorder will

Initialize the disc.

DVD-R: The recorder Initialize the disc to Video
mode. The recording mode will always be Video
DVD-RW/DVD+R(DL)/DVD-RAM: The Initialize
menu will appears. Select [Yes] then press ENTER.
DVD-RW disc Is Initialized to Video mode.

Also, you can reformat the DVD-RW/DVD+RW/

DVD-RAM from the Setup menu as below.

Disc Settings

BiMt Prstoct


1. Select [Disc Format] option then press ►.

2. Press ENTER while [Start] Is selected.

Format Disc menu appears.

3. Use ◄ / ► to select a desired mode (VR Mode or

Video Mode) then press ENTER.

Confirm message will appear.

For DVD-i-RW and DVD-RAM discs, go to step 4.

4. Use ◄ / ► to select [OK] then press ENTER.

It takes a few moments to Initialize the disc.


If you want to change the disc format, everything

recorded on the disc will be erased.

Finalizing ‘fixes’ the recordings in place so that the

disc can be played on a regular DVD player or

computer equipped with a suitable DVD-ROM drive.

Finalizing a disc creates a menu screen for navigating

the disc. This is accessed by pressing MENU/LIST or


• Once you have finalized a DVD-R and DVD-i-R disc,

you cannot edit or record anything else on that disc.

• You can record and edit a DVD-RW disc by

choosing [Unfinalize] option.

• You can edit or record on the DVD-i-RW disc even

after finalizing.


1. Select [Finalize] option then press ►.

2. Press ENTER while [Finalize] is selected.

Finalize menu appears.

3. Select [OK] then press ENTER.

The recorder starts finalizing the disc.


How long finalization takes depends on the type of

disc, how much is recorded on the disc, and the

number of titles on the disc.

• DVD-i-R DL disc can take up to 30 minutes to



If you load a DVD-RW that has already been

finalized, you can ‘Unfinalize’ it by choosing

Unfinalize from the Finalize menu. After doing this,

you can edit and re-record onto the disc.

• You cannot unfinalize a DVD-R and DVD-i-R disc.

• If [Disc Protect] option is set to [ON], the finalize is

not available. To finalize, set [Disc Protect] option to




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