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Disc Settings (Continued)

Disc Label

Use this to enter a name for the disc. This name

appears when you ioad the disc and when you dispiay
disc information on-screen.
• The disc name can be up to 32 characters iong.
• For discs formatted on a different recorder, you wiii

see oniy a iimited character set.

1. Seiect [Disc Labei] option then press ►.

2. Press ENTER whiie [Edit] is seiected.

Keyboard menu appears.

To enter characters, see page 53.

Disc Protect

When recording in DVD-RAM / DVD-i-RW / -i-R disc or
VR mode formatted DVD-RW disc, set to [ON] to

prevent accidentai recording, editing or deieting of the
disc ioaded. if you need to uniock the disc to make
edits, seiect [OFF].


PBC stands for Piayback Controi and refers to speciai

menus and navigation features that are avaiiabie on

some Video CDs.

• [ON] Video CDs are piayed according to the PBC, if


• [OFF] Video CDs are piayed the same way as Audio


[Standby mode] Press ENTER to update the software

when this unit is turned off. Check mark appears.

(Updated time: At every 3:00, 9:00, 15:00 and 21:00


[Operation Mode] Press ENTER to update the

software when this unit is turned on. Check mark


• [Time] Set time to update the software.

• [Freq.] Seiects frequency to update the software.

(Weekiy or Daiiiy)

• [Start] Press ENTER to update right now.


if the recorder is turned on, the update is not activated

during recording, Timeshift, viewing teietext or
program guide, etc.

System Information

Shows system information, (software version,

DTV Signai Ouaiity and DTV Signai Strength)


S/M U»4<te









DIV StrMftt

Network Settings

Software Update

Your recorder is abie to receive updates to some of its
features and functions. These updates wiii occur

automaticaiiy, usuaiiy at times when the recorder

wouid iikeiy be turned off.

if your recorder is on when an update is sent, you

may experience a disruption in reception for a few
hours. The recorder turns off then turn the unit back

on after the update is compiete.

Piease consuit the [System info] screen to check for

an upgrade pianned by service provider or distributor.


Your recorder must be piugged into AC power to

receive any updates. Do not unpiug your recorder

whiie an update is in progress.

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