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Page 27: To exit the program guide, To change guide menu, To navigate through programs on the guides, To tune to another current channel, To display the full information window, To change date, Timer recording with program guide

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TV Viewing

Program Guide

(Digital program only)

The Program Guide contains scheduie and program

information for digitai programs. They aiso provide
iocai over-the-air programs information inciuding

conventionai digitai programs. Use the Program Guide
to find programs easiiy and convenientiy and to view
scheduie and descriptive program information for the


To Display the Program Guide

Press the GUiDE button on your remote controi.

To Exit the Program Guide

Press the RETURN (<Ti) button to return to the iast

program you tuned to.

To change guide menu
The guide screen provides two search menus.

Press yeiiow coiour button when the Program Guide is

• Now/Next: The screen shows now and next


• 8 Days: The screen shows programs within 8 days.

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To navigate through programs on the


Use ◄ / ► / A / T o n your remote controi to navigate

the guide screen.

You can move faster through programs by scroiiing

page-by-page with the or buttons on the

remote controi. Each button stroke scroiis one page
up or down.

To tune to another current channel

Use ◄ / ► / A / T t o seiect a current channei then

press ENTER. You can watch the channei.

To display the Full Information window
You can view detaii information for the highiighted

program. Press biue coiour button to dispiay detaii

information window. To exit the detaii information

window, press biue coiour button again.

To change date
When the Program Guide with 8 days is dispiayed,
you can aiso change the date of the Program Guide

by pressing the green coiour button then use ◄ / ► to

seiect a date then press ENTER.

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Timer Recording with Program Guide
You can set a timer record using program guide with 8


1. Dispiay Program Guide with 8 days.

2. Seiect a program then press red coiour button.

The red timer icon wiii be dispiayed and the
program wiii be memorized by the recorder.
You can check the programming on the Timer

Record List menu (see page. 45).

3. To reiease the timer recording, seiect the program

then press red coiour button.
The red timer icon disappears.

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