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If a menu screen is displayed

The menu screen may be displayed first after loading a

DVD or Video CD which contains a menu.

Marker Search Q

Use the ◄ / ► / A / T buttons to select the

title/chapter you want to view, then press ENTER to
start playback.

Press TITLE or MENU/LIST to return to the menu


Use the number buttons to select the track you want

to view.

Press RETURN (<Ti) to return to the menu screen.

Menu setting and the exact operating procedures

for using the menu may differ depending on the

disc. Follow the instructions on the each menu

screen. You may also set PBC to [OFF] under

Setup menu (see page 25).

Moving to another TITLE

nm FPiiiiwi


When a disc has more than one title, you can move to

another title as follows:
• Press DISPLAY twice during playback then use

A / T to select the title icon. Then, press the

appropriate numbered button (0-9) or press ◄ / ►

then press ENTER to select a title number.

Time Search niili'



To start playing at any chosen time on the disc:

1. Press DISPLAY twice during playback. The time

search box shows the elapsed playing time.

2. Press A / V to select the time clock icon

and “0:00:00” appears.

3. Input the required start time in hours, minutes, and

seconds from left to right.

If you enter the wrong numbers, press ◄ / ► to

move the under bar (_) to the wrong number. Then

enter the correct numbers.

4. Press ENTER to confirm. Playback starts from the

selected time.


To enter a Marker

You can start playback from up to six memorized

points. To enter a marker, press MARKER at the
desired point on the disc. The Marker icon appears on

the TV screen briefly. Repeat to enter up to six


To Recall or Clear a Marked Scene

1. During disc playback, press SEARCH. The marker

search menu appears on the screen.

2. Use ◄ / ► / A / V t o select a marked scene that

you want to recall or clear.

3. Press ENTER and playback starts from the

marked scene.


Press CLEAR and the confirm message will

appear. Select [Yes] and press ENTER to erase

the scene from the marker search menu.


All markers are erased if you edit the HDD title

(Delete Part, Divide, Combine).

Camera Angle iiivu

If the disc contains scenes recorded at different

camera angles, you can change to a different camera

angle during playback.

1. Press DISPLAY twice during playback.

The On-Screen Display appears on the TV screen.

2. Use A / V to select the Angle icon in the

On-Screen Display.

3. Use ◄ / ► to select a desired angle.

The number of the current angle appears on the
TV screen.


The ANGLE indicator will blink on the TV screen at
scenes recorded at different angles to indicate that

angle switching is possible.


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