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Page 30: Auto focus, Macro shots

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Basic Operations

Camera Recording


or farther from a subject without physically

changing your position.

When using the optical zoom, you can enlarge
the subject up to 10 x ,

Zooming in (when you want to center \

attention on the subject) /





Zooming out (when you want to

includes the surroundings)

Zooming in

Push the Power Zoom control to the T (tele­
photo) side to get a close-up view (i.P),

Zooming out

Push the Power Zoom control to the W (wide

angle) side to get a wide field of view (tz;).

• The zoom range indicator shows you the current

zoom setting,

• The zoom speed depends on how far you push

the Power Zoom control.

• The camcorder Is unable to focus when zooming

in on subjects within 5 feet (f .5 m). The

camcorder wii! automatically zoom out until it is
able to focus on the subject.

• See page 24 for how to use the digital zoom.

Auto Focus

M o r : ; - C X J U I |xowol f. AuW I ocus -ode,

which is designed to focus on most types of

subjects. In Auto Focus mode, the camcorder
automatically focuses on the subject in the
center of the scene. Always keep the subject in

the center of the scene.

♦ If no subject is in the center of the scene, the

focus area will expand and the subject nearest
the center will be focused on.

♦ If no subject is displayed, the camcorder will

automatically zoom out until a subject comes

into the frame.

♦ Auto Focus may not work in the situations

described on page 37. In these situations, use
the manual focus function.

Macro Shots

This camcorder lets you shoot close-up images
of small objects sudi as flowers and insects, or

make title frames for your videos. When you

want to record a magnified image of a subject
which is within approximately 5 feet (1.5 m) of
the camcorder, do not zoom in on it. Instead,
zoom out all the way by pushing the Power
Zoom control to the W side, and then move the

camcorder closer to the subject until you obtain

the desired angle of view. The camcorder will

automatically focus on the subject when the

lens is set for the widest angle.

Power Zoom

• When you are recording a macro shot, be sure

that the subject receives sufficient illumination.