To protect recordings against accidentai erasure, Precautions when using a iwini dv, Cassette – Sharp VIEWCAM VL-NZ50U User Manual

Page 65: Ac adapter, Replacing the fluorescent lamp, Mìni dv cassette

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Mìni DV Cassette

To protect recordings against acciden­
tai erasure

Slide the protect tab on the rear ot the Mini DV
cassette to the “SAVE” position.

Precautions when using a IWini DV


• Be sure to use oniy Mini DV cassettes with the


• This camcorder can record and play back

using Mini DV cassettes with cassette
memory, but it cannot record or play back this

• To record in LP mode, use a Mini DV cassette

labeled for use with LP mode,

• Do not insert anything into the holes on the

bottom of the Mini DV cassette or block them
In any way.

• Avoid placing the Mini DV cassette in an area

conducive to dust or mold,

• Do not place the Mini DV cassette near

magnetic sources such as electric clocks or
magnetic devices as this may adversely

affect recorded material.

• When a previously recorded Mini DV cassette

is used again for recording, the previously
recorded material will be automatically


• The Mini DV cassette will not operate if

inserted in the wrong direction,

• Do not repeatedly insert and eject the Mini DV

cassette without running the tape as this may
cause uneven tape winding and damage the


• Do not place the Mini DV cassette in direct

sunlight, near strong heat sources, or in areas

with excessive steam,

• Store the Mini DV cassette in its case and

stand it In an upright position.

• If the tape is not properly wound, rewind the


• Do not drop the Mini DV cassette or subject it

to excessive shocks.



Erasure protect tab

To record over a previously recorded tape,

slide the protect tab to the “REG” position.

AC Adapter

• The AC adapter may interfere with reception if

used near a radio.

• Prevent flammables, liquids, and metal

objects from entering the adapter.

• The adapter is a sealed unit. Do not attempt

to open or modify it.

• Do not damage, drop, or subject the adapter

to vibration,

• Do not leave the adapter in direct sunlight.

• Avoid using the adapter in humid or ex­

tremely hot places.

Replacing the Fluorescent


This camcorder uses a fluorescent lamp to

backlight the LCD monitor, lithe monitor
becomes dark or difficult to view, the fluores­

cent lamp may need to be replaced. Contact

the nearest SHARP service center or your

dealer for further advice.