Playback, 3 press a to begin playback, To stop playback – Sharp VIEWCAM VL-NZ50U User Manual

Page 32: To turn the power off, Volume control

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The LCD monitor screen functions as a handy

playback monitor. Nothing needs to be

connected, allowing instant on-screen play­

back with the sound through the built-in


Hold down the Lock button

and set the Power switch to


Press < (or >) on the Operation button

to rewind (or fast forward) the tape to the

desired point.


Press A to begin playback.


• If you press the REC START/STOP button in VCR

mode, the “ O" mark appears and the
camcorder enters Recording Standby mode. If

you do not intend to record, press


to turn the

mark off, then press


to begin playback.

This will ensure your previous recording is not

erased (see page 44).

To stop playback

Press y.

To turn the power off

Set the Power switch to OFF without pressing

the Lock button.


• The tape is automatically rewound when

playback reaches the end of the tape.

Volume Control

Volume control to the + or - side to increase

((i;) or decrease (t?)) the volume.

The volume level indicator will appear on the

LCD screen during adjustment only. Once the

Volume control is released, the volume level

indicator will disappear shortly afterwards.