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Basic Operations

Watching Playback on a


You can connect the camcorder to a TV to

allow a larger audience to enjoy playback,


Open the jack cover on the camcorder

(see page 2).

Connect the camcorder to your TV (or

VCR) with the supplied audio/video
cable, as shown.

• Check that the camcorder, TV, VCR and

other equipment to be used are turned off

before making any connections. Picture
noise or malfunction may occur if any of the

above is left on while making a connection.


Turn on the TV and set it to the “AV” or

“VIDEO” channel. (See the operation

manual of your TV.)

• When connecting to a TV via a VCR, turn

on the VCR and set it to the “AV" or

“LINE" input channel. Operate the TV as

you normally do to


the signal from

the VCR. (See the operation manuals of
your TV and VCR.)


Set the Power switch on the camcorder

to VCR, and begin playback (see page


) .

• If your TV or VCR has only one audio input jack,

use the white plug for the audio connection on

the TV or VCR.

• Close the Jack cover after use.

Yellow: To video input jack
White: To audio input (L) jack

Red: To audio input (R) Jack