Before requesting service – Sharp VIEWCAM VL-NZ50U User Manual

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Before Requesting Service

Before calling for service, please check the following troubleshooting table.


Possible cniise

Suggested solution

No power.

Power source is not properly con­

Connect power source properly

(pp. 7, 9).

Battery pack is not charged.

Charge battery pack sufficiently

(p. 8).

Dew in camcorder.

Wait until dew dries

(p. 54).

Safety function is in effect.

Set Power switch to OFF and remove

battery pack. Wait for 2 seconds, then
reinstall battery pack and turn on

(p. 7).


does not work.

Erasure-protect tab on video cassette
is open.

Close tab or use a new cassette

(p. 52).

Power suddenly turns off.Camcorder left in Recording Standby

mode for 5 minutes.

Set Power switch to OFF and then

back to CAMERA.

Auto focus does not


Manual Focus mode is engaged.

Set to Auto Focus mode

(p. 37).

Zoom used on close subject.

Zoom out from subject

(p. 17).

Subject has little contrast in bright­

ness, or is fuii of horizontal or vertical

Focus manually

(p. 37).

Bright subject produces

wide vertical lines.

Occurs when shooting subject with
strong contrast to the background.
Does not indicate a malfunction.

Automatically zooms out

without operating Zoom


Camcorder is unable to focus when
zooming in on subject within 5 feet

(1.5 m), and automaticaily zooms out
until it focuses on subject.

No subject in the field of view.

Direct lens to some subject, or set

zoom to widest angle before shooting

(p. 17).

Display automatically

changes in CAMERA

Camcorder is in Demo mode.

Set DEMO MODE menu item to “OFF”

(p. 57).

No image appears on

connected TV screen.

Video input channel on TV or TV
channel is not selected properly.

Select video input ohannel or TV
channel properly

(p. 21).

Audio/video cable is not properly

Connect audio/video cable properly


No image from an exter­

nal source appears on

the camcorder screen.

DV cable is not properly connected. Connect DV cable properly,

(p. 44)