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Page 63: Lighting

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Hints for Better Shooting

• Position the subject in the center of the

scene. When using auto focus, whatever is in

the center of the scene is kept in focus.

Useful Information

For dear, good-quality recording, 500 to

100,000 lux is needed. Recording is possible

with less light, but the picture quality may

suffer. Adequate lighting is also essential for
correct white balance.


Position the subject in Focus manually when you

the center

need to position the

subject off center (see

page 37).

• Avoid backlit subjects. For the best picture,

shoot with the light source behind you.

When the background is brighter than the

subject, the subject often becomes too dark.

If you have to record in this lighting, use

Gamma Brightness Compensation or correct

the exposure level to improve the picture (see

pages 25 and 38),

Light from behind Backlighting

• Before zooming, think about howto best

frame the shot. Frequent zooming produces

unattractive pictures. It also runs down the
battery more quickly,

• When image shaking is noticeable during

zoomed-in telephoto shooting, use a tripod or

push the Power Zoom control to the W side to

zoom out,

• Horizontal panning (lateral movement) and

tilting (vertical movement) should be done

slowly to emphasize the wide expanse of a
scene or the height of a building, and to
make scenes easy to watch during playback.

• Use a wide-angle setting for fast-moving



• It may take longer to focus when zooming and

panning are used frequently.

BiiijlitiinKs Sitiintinii

iLuxl ILiix)


Blue sky

Clear day at noon (100,000)


Clear day at 10 am (65,000)

Clear day at 3 pm (35,000) о

Cloudy day at noon (32,000) 1--
Cloudy day at 10 am (25,000) S





Cloudy day, one hour after sunrise (2,000) S

Clear day, one hour before sunset (1,000) s

Fluorescent light near window (1,000) “






Sales counter in department store (500-700) A

Bowling alley (500)

Library (400-500)

OHIce with liuorescent lighting (400-500) ^ | |,'

Fluorescent desk lamp (400)

Flashlight at 3 ft (1 m)(250)

Shop stairway (100)


During mtermission at movie theater (15-35)

Cigarette lighter at 1 ft (30 cm) (15-20)

Candles on birthday cake at 8 Inches (20 cm)




• The figures in the chart are approximations.

Tips on good lighting

In most outdoor, daytime scenes, natural
lighting is adequate for home videos. Indoors,

however, artificial lighting is usually required.

Video lights with halogen lamps provide the

most natural artificial light over a long operating