Cleaning, Using your camcorder abroad – Sharp VIEWCAM VL-NZ50U User Manual

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• Many plastic parts are used in the camcorder

casing. Do not use thinner, benzene or other

strong chemical cleaners. These may cause

discoloration and damage to the casing.

• Clean the casing with a soft, dry cloth. If the

casing is particularly dirty, wipe the casing
with a tightly wrung cloth dampened with a
diluted, neutral detergent. Then v/ipe it again
with a soft, dry cloth,

• Use a soft cloth to wipe finger marks and

other smudges off the LCD screen.

• Use a soft cloth, or compressed air and lens

paper designed for photographic lenses to

clean the lens.

Using Your Camcorder Abroad

Television signal standards and electrical
voltages and frequencies vary substantially
from country to country. When you are abroad,

check the sections below before using the AC
adapter or connecting the camcorder to a TV.

AC Adapter (Supplied Accessory)

The supplied AC adapter is compatible with

50 Hz and 60 Hz electrical systems in the
range of 110 V to 240 V AC.

Use a commercially available AC plug adaptor.
If necessary, depending on the design of the

wall outlet.

AC 110-240 V

A commercially available

AC plug adaptor

Television Signal Standard

In any country, you can always watch the video
picture by using the LCD monitor screen.
However, If you want to watch the picture on a

TV screen, the TV must be NTSC-M system

compatible. NTSC-M Is used in the follov/ing

The Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Myanmar

(previously Burma), Canada, Chile, Colombia,
Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic,

Ecuador, Ei Salvador, Greenland, Guam,

Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Japan,
South Korea, Mexico, the Netherland Antilles,

Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, the Philippines,
Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, St. Lucia. Surinam,

Taiwan, Trinidad, the U.S.A., Venezuela,

Southern Vietnam, and the Virgin Islands.