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Page 44: More information on self re­ cording

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Useful Features

Camera Recording

Self Recording

Rotate the LCD monitor 180° verticaHy so that

the screen faces the other way and the subject

can monitor the shot while you are recording.

If the camcorder is steadied, you can record

yourself in the scene by watching yourself on
the LCD monitor.

Rotate the monitor section 180°


• A mirror image of the subject displays

on the LCD monitor.


Press the REC START/STOP button to
begin recording.


• Do not rotate the monitor section to the self

recording position during recording or playback.

♦ For recording in Seif Recording mode, be

sure to rotate the monitor section, NOT the

lens section. If you hold the camcorder
upside down with the lens at the bottom, the

subject will be recorded upside down.

More Information on Self Re­


• The screen image automatically inverts when the

monitor rotation is between 135° and 200°. When

the monitor section is turned back to the normal

position, the image returns to normal.

• You can play back images while the monitor is in

the self recording position. Set the camcorder to
VCR mode. The Operation button still retains its
function as during normal playback, for example,

A on the Operation button works as the Play