Canon BJC-5100 User Manual

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Noise level

See dB(A).

Page orientation

Refers to the direction of print on the page. Printing across the width of
a page is called portrait orientation. Printing across the length of a page
is called landscape orientation.

Parallel interface

An interface that transmits multiple bits simultaneously (usually in one-
byte segments). Your printer has a built-in, Centronics


-type parallel

interface with bi-directional capability. See also Interface.


Refers to the number of characters per inch that can be composed using
a fixed space font.


Printer component that holds the paper in position during ink transfer.

Point size

Character height is defined in points; one point is 1/72 inch. For
instance, this text is printed using a 10-point font.

Portrait orientation

Refers to printing across the width of the page (letter style). This is the
opposite of landscape orientation, which is printing across the length of
the page.

Print head

The printing mechanism that contains print nozzles and ejects the ink
for printing.

Print head capping

An automatic protection function that prevents the print head unit and
ink cartridges from drying out or becoming clogged with dust.