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Using the Printer With Windows

Chapter 2

Specifying Your Printing Options
on the Windows Tabs

Be sure to use your on-line help to find out about the settings available
for each printing option.

❍ To move between the Windows tabs, click on any of the tabs.

❍ To save the settings and exit, click the OK button.

❍ To cancel your setting selections on a tab, click the Cancel button.

❍ To save your settings without exiting, click the Apply button.

❍ To access helpful information about the printer and the printer

driver, click on the Help button.

❍ To find out about a setting, click the question mark ? in the upper

right corner. Move the larger question mark to the setting you are
interested in and click again.

Printing Speed Versus Color

The BJC-5100 Series Printer Driver for Windows can interpret and
translate the full spectrum of colors, up to 16.7 million colors. When
printing in color, there is a significant increase in the amount of
information that the driver has to interpret and translate. When printing
with black ink only, the driver has only one color to interpret.

By decreasing the amount of colors that the printer driver has to
interpret, you can significantly decrease the time needed to translate
the information. This will speed up the overall printing process.