Glossary, Gglossary – Canon BJC-5100 User Manual

Page 97

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Automatic feed

Refers to one way in which paper can be fed into the printer when the
sheet feeder is used.

BJ cartridge

The printing mechanism that contains the print head unit and BJ tanks.

Bubble Jet printing

An ink jet type of printing that heats the ink to a boiling point in a
nozzle to form a bubble. When the bubble expands, there is no room left
in the nozzle for the ink and the ink is projected onto paper.


Acronym for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black; the four colors used in
the standard color model of the printing industry. Refers to a method of
specifying color using CMYK color values. (K is used for black because B
is used to represent blue in RGB.)

Color Management

Method of translating the monitor’s on-screen colors (RGB) to the
printer’s output colors (CMYK). Color Management Settings are Auto,
Photo/ICM, and Chart/Graph.


Stands for decibel level (a decibel being a unit of measurement for the
intensity of the sound coming from the printer), adjusted for
background noise.

Dither Pattern

Halftoning method recommended for printing a solid area of color for
charts and graphs.


Dots per inch. A unit of measurement for indicating a printer’s
resolution. Your printer can produce a resolution up to 1440 dpi
(vertical) depending on the printer driver settings and the
application you are using.