Cleaning the printer – Canon BJC-5100 User Manual

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Maintaining the Printer

Chapter 4

❍ Do not unplug the printer unnecessarily.

❍ Do not unplug the printer or turn off a power strip to which the

printer is attached when the printer’s power is turned on. This may
prevent the BJ cartridge from returning to the home position on the
right and being capped, which may cause the print heads to dry out.
This is critical. If left uncapped, the print head units may clog and
may need to be replaced.

❍ Do not attempt to manually move the mechanism that holds the

BJ cartridges. Attempting to move the BJ cartridge holders may
damage delicate mechanical parts.

❍ It’s a good idea to use a power surge protector. However, never turn

off the printer using the power strip. Always use the



on the printer.

Cleaning the Printer

Your printer requires little routine maintenance. Perform the following
maintenance, as necessary, to keep your printer in good operating


❍ Before cleaning, make sure the printer is turned off and the power

cord is unplugged.

❍ Do not clean the exterior of the printer with volatile liquids such as

thinners, benzene, or any spray-type or chemical cleaners; doing so
will damage the surface of the printer.

❍ When cleaning the printer, avoid the area near the print heads on

the BJ cartridges. Do not touch the print heads. Ink may leak out
and cause stains.

Clean the printer regularly to avoid printing problems. Remove any ink
mist or paper debris from the interior of the printer using a soft cloth
moistened with water.