Canon BJC-5100 User Manual

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Chapter 5



The last part of print job is not printing



Paper used for printing

Specify the paper size you are using in the driver Paper

differs from the paper

Size setting

size specified in the

If your software application allows you to specify the paper

software application

size in the page setup, ensure that the Paper Size settings

and printer driver

in the software application and the printer driver are the

Parallel cable not

Check the parallel cable

connected correctly

Make sure the parallel cable is securely fastened to the
computer and the printer. For details, see the Quick Start

Printer cable fault

Try to use another printer cable
Make sure you are using an IEEE 1284 ECP-compatible
parallel interface cable.

Switching device or

Disconnect the switching device or external buffer

external buffer fault

Print with the printer directly connected to the computer.
If you can then print normally, the fault is probably in the
switching device or external buffer. Consult the switching
device or external buffer supplier.

Windows Printing System Change the WPS driver port setting or delete the WPS
(WPS) driver is installed


on the computer. You

To change the port setting, open the WPS Driver Properties

may not be able to print

window. Windows 98 and Windows 95—In the Details tab,

correctly with a WPS

select FILE in the “Print to Port” setting. Windows NT

printer driver installed

4.0—In the Ports tab, make sure LPT1 is set to the Canon

on your computer.


To delete the WPS driver, click Start, Settings, and
Printers. Right-click on the WPS printer icon and click
Delete. After deleting the WPS printer driver, re-install the
BJC-5100 printer driver.

To continue using the WPS printer, install a second parallel