Chp.4: maintaining the printer, Printer guidelines, Maintaining the printer – Canon BJC-5100 User Manual

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Chapter 4

Maintaining the Printer



the Printer

This chapter covers the care required for your Canon BJC-5100 Series
Color Bubble Jet Printer. It includes:

❍ Printer guidelines

❍ Cleaning the printer

❍ Printing a test page

❍ Performing printer maintenance through the BJC-5100 Series

Printer Driver

❍ BJ cartridge guidelines

❍ Replacing BJ cartridges and BJ tanks

❍ Storing a BJ cartridge

❍ Transporting the printer

Printer Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to avoid damage to your printer and harm to
you or others:

❍ Set the printer on a stable surface. Do not use an angled printer

stand. Avoid setting the printer in direct sunlight.

❍ Keep the printer cover closed when printing.

❍ Do not set anything on top of the printer.

❍ Make sure the power is off any time you connect or disconnect the

power cord or interface cable.


Maintaining the Printer