Auto feed guidelines – Canon BJC-5100 User Manual

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Chapter 3

Paper Handling


Paper Handling

Auto Feed Guidelines

When automatically feeding stacks of paper, follow these guidelines:

❍ Do not open the front cover while printing.

❍ Do not leave paper stacked in the printer for long periods of time;

longer sheets of paper may become bent or curled over time. This
may cause the paper to misfeed or jam.

❍ If your printed page contains lots of graphics, the ink on the page

may be damp due to the print density. Remove the page right away
and allow the ink to dry.

❍ If paper curls after printing, remove it immediately; otherwise, paper

jams may occur.

❍ Depending on the density of your printed pages, the ink may need

time to dry. Within two to three seconds, the ink becomes smudge

❍ Do not try to load paper into the sheet feeder beyond the paper

limit mark ( ) on the right side of the sheet feeder; stacking too
much paper may cause paper feeding or printing problems.

❍ Make sure there are no gaps between the stack of paper and the

paper guide nor the right edge of the sheet feeder.