Chp.3: paper handling, Selecting paper types, Paper handling – Canon BJC-5100 User Manual

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Chapter 3

Paper Handling


Paper Handling

This chapter describes how to use the printer for all your printing
operations. It includes:

❍ Selecting paper

❍ Summary of printer settings for various print media

❍ Loading paper

❍ Printing on envelopes

❍ Using Canon Specialty Papers

To ensure the best performance of your printer, you’ll want to select the
best paper and load it correctly. You can stack paper in the sheet feeder
to load it automatically, or you can manually feed one sheet at a time
from the back of the printer.

Selecting Paper Types

One of the most important things you can do to assure the best possible
performance of your Bubble Jet printer is to select the correct paper.
Your printer produces letter quality print on most plain bond papers,
including cotton bond and photocopying papers; it does not require
special ink jet papers. However, the print quality varies with different
paper types. Be sure to test a type of paper before you purchase a large

Plain Paper

You can use regular copier paper, cotton bond papers, and typical
letterhead. Always use paper without curls, folds, staples, or damaged
edges. Copier paper has a preferred side for printing. Look at the label
on the package to see which side to print on.


Paper Handling