Canon BJC-5100 User Manual

Page 98

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Extended Capability Port. ECP is a protocol that provides for a high
performance bi-directional communication path between the host
adapter and the peripheral. To take advantage of ECP mode, the parallel
port must be capable of operating in ECP mode, there must be a port
driver that knows how to operate in ECP mode, and the printer or
peripheral must be designed to operate in ECP mode.


Enhanced Parallel Port. EPP is a protocol that provides for a high
performance parallel port link that is still compatible with the standard
parallel port. Details of this standard protocol are available from the
IEEE 1284 committee.

Error Diffusion

Highest quality of all halftoning methods. Optimal for printing
photographic and graphic images.


A complete set of characters of the same size and style; a particular
implementation of a typeface. For example, 12-point, Courier bold.

Form feed

A printer function that automatically ejects the current page and
advances the printer to the top of the next page.


Degree of intensity for a printed color image from the monitor screen
display. The default Gamma Setting for the BJC-5100 is 1.4. The lower
the number, the brighter the printout image.


Representing color in black and white as a result of different intensities
of color. Different colors and intensities of colors appear as different
shades of gray.

Halftoning Method

Technique of creating various colors and shades by using different sizes
of dots and spaces.