Canon BJC-5100 User Manual

Page 47

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Chapter 3

Paper Handling


Paper Handling

❍ Allow the printed sheets of film, paper, or fabric to dry completely

before storing them.

Paper type

Drying time (approx.)

Canon High Gloss Photo Film

10 minutes

Canon Glossy Photo Paper or Cards

2 minutes

Canon Fabric Sheet

1 hour

Canon Back Print Film

15 minutes

Canon Transparencies

15 minutes

❍ When your output has dried completely, cover its printed side

with a sheet of plain (not coated) paper before storing it; this is
recommended even if you place the output in a clear file or plastic

❍ When loading transparencies or back print film, insert one sheet of

plain paper as the last sheet in the stack.

❍ Do not leave sheets of film in the sheet feeder for long periods of

time. Dust and dirt may accumulate on the film resulting in spotty

❍ To avoid smudging caused by fingerprints, use a pair of thin cloth

gloves while loading and handling film sheets.

❍ To avoid fading, do not expose printed film to prolonged sunlight.

❍ Store unused papers and films flat. Do not remove papers from their

protective packaging until you are ready to use them.

❍ Store unused film at temperatures between 59° F to 86° F (15° C to

30° C). The relative humidity should be between 10% and 70%.