Loading paper, Automatically feeding paper – Canon BJC-5100 User Manual

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Chapter 3

Paper Handling


Paper Handling

Loading Paper

You can stack paper in the sheet feeder to load it automatically, or you
can manually feed one sheet at a time through the manual feed slot on
the back of the printer.

You can place approximately 130 sheets of plain paper (20 lb or
64 g /m


) in the sheet feeder at a time.

You can stack approximately 30 sheets of transparency film or 10 sheets
of back print film in the sheet feeder. However, these special media may
not advance correctly under unusual environmental conditions (such as
extreme temperatures or humidity). If you have trouble with special
papers becoming skewed or feeding multiple sheets, do not stack them
in the sheet feeder. Manually feed them one sheet at a time from either
the sheet feeder or the manual feed slot.

Automatically Feeding Paper

Pull the paper

support up

until it stops.

Pull out the

paper output

tray and its