Paper guidelines – Canon BJC-5100 User Manual

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Paper Handling

Chapter 3


Transparencies from Canon are recommended. These transparencies
produce excellent contrast, sharpness, and color.

Assorted Paper Starter Kit

If you would like to try some of the papers described above, look for
Canon’s Starter Kit. It contains an assortment of paper types.


❍ Be sure to select the appropriate Media type (on the Settings tab) in

the BJC-5100 Series Printer Driver.

❍ If you are printing in an application outside Windows, your software

application or printer driver must support mirror image printing in
order to use Back Print Film or T-Shirt Transfers.

Paper Guidelines

When selecting or loading paper, please remember the following:

❍ Attempting to print on damp, curled, wrinkled, or torn paper can

cause paper jams and poor print quality.

❍ Use cut sheet paper only. You cannot use multipart paper.

❍ When using graph paper, the lines may not match because the

1/6-inch line spacing of the printer is slightly less than that of
graph paper.

❍ If the print density of your page is very high, light paper stock may

curl slightly due to the large amount of ink. If you need to print
dense graphics, try printing on heavier stock.

❍ Do not use thicker paper than meets the specifications for this

printer. (See Appendix A, Specifications, for details.) Printing with a
paper that is thick enough to come in contact with the print head
nozzles may damage the BJ cartridges.