Step 6, Step 5 – Bowflex XTL User Manual

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To leave Leg Extension on machine when not in use,
unhook Leg Extension Cables from Bowflex Cables.

Step 6:

Attach Leg Extension to Bowflex by sliding Bench forward, then
placing Leg Extension Bracket onto end of Seat Rail. Secure by inserting
the “L” Pin through the two holes on Leg Extension Bracket.

Make sure Pulleys are facing as shown.

Thread cable through Pulley and Hook Loop around metal tube on each side
as indicated below. Slide Foam Pads onto metal tube and insert End Caps.
Use Snap Hook to fasten Leg Extension Cables to Bowflex Cables.

Step 5:

Insert metal tube through
large holes on Pivot Arm Bracket. Slide
on Foam Pads and secure with End Caps
as indicated. Attach Pivot Arm Assembly
to Pivot Arm Bracket with one M10 Allen
Head Bolt. (Tighten with an allen wrench).
Secure with M10 lock nut. Important!
Do not overtighten. Tighten so that Pivot
Arm Assembly does not have excessive
side to side movement, but still pivots

“L” Pin

End Cap



Pivot Arm

End Cap

End Cap

Components for this assembly

are in a box labeled

Leg Extension Attachment

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