Step 9, Step 10, Using your chest bar – Bowflex XTL User Manual

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Adjustment Knobs

Step 9:

Replace the J-Bolt and pulley on your new Chest Bar.
Simply make sure that open-end of J-Bolt is facing
toward the machine. Push bolt down flush with frame
and tighten Lock Nut securely to ensure
correct performance.

Repeat on other side.

Replace Nylon
Lock Nut

Place Non-skid
Pad here.

Step 10:

Locate Non-skid pads. Remove paper backing to
expose the adhesive surface. Adhere Non-skid Pads
to Chest Bar as shown on each side.

Using Your Chest Bar:

The Chest Bar has two positions.

Standard Position is the way it came, approximately
the same width as the U-Bar that was previously
attached to your Power Pro.


Extended Position for enhancing your chest and
shoulder exercises. To extend your bar, simply un-
tighten the adjustment knobs on the back of the bar
and slide chest bar out until it reaches last notch
and the adjustment knob “pops” in.

Retighten adjustment knob to ensure safe workout.

Safety Note:

Before using the attachment, make sure

that all fasteners are in place and tightened.



Once you finish installing your CHEST BAR

Attachment, go back to page 10, step 8 and continue
assembling your Bowflex.

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