Step 1, Assembling the power pro – Bowflex XTL User Manual

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Step 1:

Locate the Rear Leg and Seat Rail.

Take two 3/8” x 3/4” square head bolts and place them
through holes on the Rear Leg Bolt Keeper. Take that
assembly and slide it into the Seat Rail channel, starting
on the end closest to the warning label. Make sure to
line up the end of the bolt keeper with the end of the
rail. Repeat for the other bolt keeper.

Once you have both bolt keepers in place, install the
Rear Leg – place four 3/8” washers and tighten a 3/8”
nylon locknut on to each of the bolts.

Please use caution when inserting the bolt keeper.
Edges may be sharp.

Next, take two 3/8” x 3/4” square head bolts and slide
one into each side of the Seat Rail channel from the
opposite end. Locate the Riser Bracket and attach it to
the Seat Rail with the two square head bolts. Wait to
tighten bolts with a wrench until after Step 1c.

Now, locate the bolt keeper for the pivot bracket and
two 3/8” x 3/4” square head bolts. Install the bolts into
the bolt keeper. Slide them into the Seat Rail Channel
making sure the keeper is flush with the end of the Seat
Rail. Repeat for the other bolt keeper.

Locate the Pivot Bracket and Pulley Frame. Snap the Pivot
Bracket between the screw heads on the Pulley Frame.

Install the rail so the four bolts at the front of the rail
slide through the four holes in the pivot bracket.
Use 3/8” washers and 3/8” nylon lock nuts to
secure the rail.

IMPORTANT: Place Seat Rail so that
the end of the rail is flush with the edge
of the Pivot Bracket.

Connect the bottom of the Riser Bracket
to the standing platform with the 1" Knob.
See example 1c.


You may need to pull up on

the standing platform, near the hole,
in order to get the screw to thread
into the hole.

Riser Bracket


Seat Rail

Connect to
Pivot Bracket


Make sure the Pivot Bracket is between the two screws

under the main frame before tightening Seat Rail to Pivot Bracket.


Pivot Bracket

Place four bolts
in Pivot Bracket.

1" Knob

Standing Platform

Edge of Seat Rail MUST be
flush with edge of Pivot Bracket.

Assembling the Power Pro


Seat Rail Channel

Make flush with the end of rail


Each time you
remove and
reinstall the
knob make sure
it is completely

Pivot Bracket

Pulley Frame

Components for this assembly

are in Boxes 2 and 3


Seat Rail Channel

Rear Leg
Bolt Keeper
with an R)

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