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Step 6:

Now locate the Bench. Turn Bench upside down.
Place the Bench Cup between the two hinges.
Secure with a #14 Screw.

Step 7:

Now locate the Incline
Support Bracket.

Place Bracket on Bench as
shown. Insert Tap Bolts with 5/16"
Flat Washer through Bracket and hand
tighten. Do not tighten with a wrench yet.
Bracket needs to be adjusted to rest
properly against the top
of the Vertical Main Frame.

To check for proper adjustment,
attach the Bench to the Seat.
(They connect by a Quick Release
Hinge.) Lock Seat Pin into the fourth
hole of the side channel of the Seat
Rail. Adjust Bracket position so that
contact is made with top of Rod Pack
as pictured.

After Bracket has been adjusted,
tighten securely with a 1/2" open end wrench.

Next, remove bench and insert and tighten a #14
screw into center notch of the bracket as shown
below. There is no pre-drilled hole for this.

Bench Cup

#14 Screw

Incline Support Bracket

5/16" Flat Washer

1/4" washer

Tap Bolt

Tap Bolt

5/16" Flat Washer


Incline Support Bracket sits
properly against Vertical Main Frame.


Pull Pin out and turn clockwise,
one quarter turn to lock Seat into



Double check to make sure bench

is stable in the incline position.

Before using the bench make sure all three screws
are in place and securely tightened

#14 Screw

1/4" Washer

Components for this

assembly are in Box 2

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