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Page 22: Exercising with the squat attachment

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Installing the Squat Attachment

Step 1:

Insert small loop ending of Cable (with no ball) through Pulley
opening, and pull through to Cable Stop Ball. Set aside.

Step 2:

Remove Squat Plate from box. Position Squat Plate
under rear Bench Legs at angle, so as to slide Plate
openings onto rear Bench Legs. IMPORTANT! Position
Squat Plate so that long portion extends



Step 3:

Use (2) Snap Hooks and attach them to small eye on
top of Pulley. Now use those Snap Hooks to attach
Pulleys to holes on sides of Squat Plate.

To use, attach Squat Bar and Chains (as needed) to
Cable Ends. Then, attach small Cable Ends to Power
Rod Cables.


Be sure to remove Squat Plate before folding

and transporting the Bowflex.
• Always wear shoes with a non-skid sole when using
the Squat Attachment.
• Never adjust cable travel and tension with Expansion
Chain to the degree that tension is applied in such a
manner that would be hazardous. Always check
Fasteners, Snap Hooks, Cables and Pulleys before each
workout to ensure proper functioning.
• Never attempt to exercise with more resistance than
you are physically able to handle.




Getting started: Use Expansion Chain to adjust cable
length so that you are at a 90 degree angle with the floor.
Place Padded Bar on shoulders as pictured.

Action: While keeping your back straight, move to a
standing position. Do not lock your knees out.
Key points: Keep knees pointed forward. Keep head up.

Never attempt to exercise with more resistance than you
are physically able to handle. And be sure to properly
place the bar in a secure location on your shoulders.


The Squat Attachment is an optional
attachment. Depending on the machine
and accessories you ordered, this
attachment may or may not be included.

Exercising with the Squat Attachment

Components for this assembly

are in a box labeled

Squat Attachment

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