Expanding your bowflex with extra power rods, Step 1, Step 2 – Bowflex XTL User Manual

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Step 1:

Remove your Power Rod pack by removing the four
screws on the back of the Base.

Step 2:

Remove plugs in the first two holes of the
Base of the Power Rod pack.

Step 3:

Insert Power Rods into holes. Make sure that slot on bottom of Rods
matches up with ridges in bottom. of hole.

Step 4:

Secure rod with supplied screw by screwing into the bottom of Power Rod.
Replace Power Rod assembly and secure with the four screws.

To expand your Bowflex from 210 lbs to 310 lbs:

Expanding Your Bowflex With Extra

Power Rods

Step 1:

Simply slide in new rods to the back

of the Power Rod Base. Make sure new Rods are
fully seated into Base before using.

To expand your Bowflex from
310 lbs. to 410 lbs.:


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