Step 5, Step 6, Step 7 – Bowflex XTL User Manual

Page 15: Step 8

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Step 5:

Position your Chest Bar upright and insert
to the machine frame where you just
removed the U-Bar.

Step 6:

Line up holes on machine and Chest Bar.
Using the nuts and bolts that you previously
removed in Step Two, attach Chest Bar
to machine frame. Tighten securely.

Step 7:

Replace the Vertical Main Frame with Rod
Pack that you removed in step two. Secure
with bolts that were set aside.

Step 8:

Find existing pulley on U-Bar that you
removed. They are connected to frame
using a J-Bolt and a Nylon Lock Nut.
Remove nut from bolt. When finished
simply pull up J-bolt to remove.

Remove Nylon
Lock Nut



Once you finish installing your chest

bar, go back to page 8, step 4 and continue
assembling your Bowflex.

Components for this assembly

are in a box labeled

Chest Bar Attachment

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