Installing the lat pulldown attachment step 1, Step 3, Step 2 – Bowflex XTL User Manual

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Installing The Lat Pulldown Attachment

Step 1:

Remove the long portion of the Bench.

Step 3:

Place the Main Frame Lower Half in between
the Vertical Extrusion and the Seat Rail. Make
sure the two black plastic bumpers are facing
the Vertical Extrusion and the bottom of the Main
Frame Lower Half rests in the circular portion of
the cross bar.

Step 2:

Place the cross bar so the curved ends are
facing downward and they rest on the bottom
of the pulley frame.

Cross Bar


Top View

Side View

Vertical Extrusion

Seat Rail

Main Frame (Lower Half)

Components for this assembly

are in a box labeled

Lat Pulldown Attachment

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