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Step 3:

Locate the U-Bar. Insert U-Bar
into the openings of the Main Frame and
secure with two 1/4" x 2" Hex Head Bolts
and two 1/4" Nylon Lock Nuts. Leave
loose until Step 4.


1/4" x 2" Hex Head Bolts

1/4" Nylon Lock Nut

Step 2:

Locate Seat and Bench and
separate from one another. They are
connected by a Quick Release Hinge.
See illustration 2a at right.

The seat slides onto the Seat Rail by
aligning the wheels on the Seat with
the channels along the sides of the Seat
Rail. Pull out the Seat Locking Pin in
order to slide the Seat on. Seat Pin
locks Seat into position. Pulling pin
out and turning counterclockwise
one quarter turn allows Seat to slide

After you have installed the Seat, you
can install the two End Caps at the
ends of the Seat Rail. Secure them
with the #10 Screws. (smallest screws)
If the screws are not going in, you
can use soap or other lubricant on the
screw threads.


Do not unwrap

Pulleys and Cables
until you are finished
with full assembly.



If you purchased a CHEST

BAR attachment, do not install the
u-bar as shown in step 3. Instead,
go now to page 16, step 5, of the
chest bar assembly instructions.


End Cap

End Cap

Seat Lock Pin

(Pull Out)

#10 Screw

Seat Rail

Slide Seat onto Seat Rail

Side Channels




Quick Release Hinge

Components for this assembly

are in Boxes 2 and 3

Components for this assembly

are in Boxes 2 and 3

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