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Chest Bar Attachment
Assembly Instructions

Thank you for choosing the Bowflex Chest Bar Attachment. This attachment comes complete in one
box, with everything you need to assemble your new accessory. Before you begin, you will need a
crescent wrench, a 9/16" and a 7/16" open end wrench. (It is helpful to have the crescent wrench to
hold one end of a bolt while tightening with the other). Please follow these assembly instructions carefully.
If you experience any difficulty, please call a Bowflex customer service representative and ask for
assistance at 1-800-269-3539.

Contents of box

1 Chest Bar
2 Non-skid Pads
Exercise Instruction Sheet
Assembly Instructions

Please check to make sure all parts are included. If you
are missing any part, please call a customer service
representative at 1-800-269-3539.


The Chest Bar Attachment is an optional
attachment. Depending on the machine
and accessories you ordered, this
attachment may or may not be included.

Components for this assembly

are in a box labeled

Chest Bar Attachment

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