Kindle Paperwhite (2nd Generation) User Manual

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Kindle Paperwhite User's Guide, 3rd Edition


Chapter 1

Getting Started

Text (Aa): Tap to display font and text options for your Kindle books, including font size,
typeface, publisher font, line spacing and margins.

Go To: The Contents tab displays the book's contents, including Beginning and chapter
titles. Use the Page or Location option to further navigate your book. The options displayed
will vary depending on the content you're reading. Tap the Notes tab to access your notes
and highlights. You can also view Popular highlights and Public notes by selecting the
corresponding options under the Notes tab.

X-Ray: The X-Ray feature lets you explore the “bones” of the book with a single tap. For
example, you can see all of the passages in a book that mention specific ideas, fictional
characters, historical figures, places, topics and terms. You can also view notable clips and
images from a book in a stack of digital cards organised on a timeline, enabling you to
quickly skim through the clips and view all of the images in one place. For more
information, see



Share: Tap to share your thoughts with friends on Goodreads on Kindle and other social

Bookmarks: Tap to add or delete a bookmark on the current page, and view previously
added bookmarks. The Bookmark button on the toolbar changes from white to black on
bookmarked pages. A preview pane displays when you tap a bookmark in the list. To go to
the selected location, tap the preview pane. To exit the bookmark feature, tap outside the
bookmark drop-down.

Reading Navigation toolbar

When reading, swipe up from the bottom of the page to display the Reading Navigation