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Kindle Paperwhite User's Guide, 3rd Edition


Chapter 1

Getting Started

appropriate buttons to continue on to the next action. As you type, word suggestions based
upon your entries will appear above the keyboard. Tap the word you want to select.

Keyboard tips:

Tap the

key to enter numbers or symbols.

Tap the

to return to the regular keyboard.

Tap the Shift key

to enter uppercase characters. Tap the Shift key

twice to

enter all caps mode and tap it once to exit the mode.

To select a keyboard for a different language, tap the Menu button and select Settings. On
the Settings page, select Device Options, Language and Dictionaries, then Keyboards.

To enter diacritics and special characters using the keyboard, press and hold the base
letter’s key. For example, press and hold the n to display ǹ, ñ or ň.

A Globe key

is added to your keyboard when you have selected multiple languages. To

select a different keyboard, tap the Globe key.

Tap zones

The EasyReach feature of your Kindle lets you effortlessly turn pages in a book or periodical
whilst holding the device with just one hand. Tapping almost anywhere in the display area
will take you to the next page; the area is large enough to be tapped whether you hold the
device with your left or right hand. Tap the left side of the screen to go to the previous page.
The EasyReach tap zones differ depending on whether your Kindle is in portrait or
landscape mode. When reading, you can change the screen orientation by tapping on the
Menu button and selecting Portrait or Landscape Mode. Note that the option displayed
depends on the current orientation of your Kindle.

Portrait Mode