Kindle Paperwhite (2nd Generation) User Manual

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Kindle Paperwhite User's Guide, 3rd Edition


Chapter 5


Personalise your Kindle: Lets you manage your device name, add personal and
contact information, set device time, manage recommended content, change the
next in series option, manage Whispersync for Books and view your Send-to-
Kindle E-mail address.

Device Name: Allows you to change the name displayed at the top of the
Home screen.

Personal Info: Use this field to add personal or contact information,
such as an address or phone number, to help identify your Kindle in the
event of its being lost.

Device Time: Lets you set the current local time to be displayed on your
Kindle. The time is displayed at the top of the screen. To view the time
from within a book, tap the top of the screen.

Advanced Options: Lets you manage cover view recommendations, next
in series options, Whispersync for Books and Special Offers.

Cover View Recommendations: When in cover view, this
option allows you to display or hide recommended content from
the Kindle Store on your Home screen.

Next in Series: Select to display an option to buy the next title
in the series when nearing the end of a book.

Whispersync for Books: Enable and disable the automatic
backup of your annotations, most recent page read, last page
read and collections to Amazon’s servers.

Special Offers: Manage how Special Offers appear on your

Send-to-Kindle E-mail: Indicates the address to which
documents should be e-mailed so that they can be sent to your
Kindle. Document formats supported by the conversion service
will be converted to Kindle format. (Charges may apply.) To








Language and Dictionaries: Lets you select a language for your Kindle, add
keyboards for different languages, and select default dictionaries.

Language: Displays the current language for menus, alerts and dialog
boxes, and lets you change to a different language.

Keyboards: Enables you to add keyboards for different languages. If you

have multiple keyboards, a Globe key

is added to your keyboard.

Simply tap to select a different keyboard.

Dictionaries: Use to set the default dictionary for each language.

Reading Options: Lets you manage Word Wise, Vocabulary Builder, page refresh, social
networks, annotations, public notes and popular highlights.

Language Learning: Enable Word Wise word hints in books and Vocabulary