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Kindle Paperwhite User's Guide, 3rd Edition


Chapter 3

Reading Kindle Documents

To turn off Vocabulary Builder, press and hold on the Vocabulary Builder item on the Home
screen and select Turn Off Vocabulary Builder. You can also turn it off or on by tapping
Menu and selecting Settings. On the Settings page, select Reading Options, Language
Learning, then Vocabulary Builder. Note that words you look up are not added to
Vocabulary Builder when it is off.

Kindle FreeTime

Kindle FreeTime lets you create a personalised experience for up to four children, giving you
complete control over what content each child can access. Kids earn achievements that help
them keep track of their personal reading accomplishments.

Kindle FreeTime automatically blocks access to the Kindle Store, the Experimental Web
Browser, Goodreads and Wikipedia. Children can only read books that you have added to
their library.

Kindle FreeTime Unlimited is an optional monthly subscription that offers thousands of
books, apps, movies and TV shows for children between the ages of three and ten. Tap the
Characters button on the toolbar to view content categories. Apps, Movies and TV shows
are not available on your Kindle E-Reader, but can be accessed at no additional charge on
your Fire tablet or Amazon Fire TV. Not all books included in Kindle FreeTime Unlimited
are supported on your Kindle E-Reader due to publisher exclusions, but can be viewed on
your Fire tablet.

Setting up Kindle FreeTime

Tap the Kindle FreeTime item on the Home screen to get started. You will be prompted to
set a Parental Controls password if you do not already have one. To create a profile for your
child, enter your child’s first name, date of birth and gender. A Kindle FreeTime Unlimited
page will display.

Next, a list of the titles in your Kindle Library displays. Tap the checkbox next to an item's
title to add it to your child's Kindle FreeTime library, then tap OK. To add or remove books
from your child's reading list later, tap the profile icon next to your child's name on the
main Kindle FreeTime screen, then select Library.

Set Access Achievements to On to enable your child to view earned achievements. Use the
Daily Reading Goal option to specify the number of minutes your child should read for each

Once you have completed the Kindle FreeTime profile setup process, simply tap the Kindle
FreeTime item on the Home screen to access profiles. You can create up to four profiles. To
manage a profile later, tap the profile icon next to a child’s name. Options include
Progress, Library, Edit, Delete and Subscription. Choosing the Delete option will delete the
profile permanently, including that child's reading statistics and any achievements they may
have earned.

To exit Kindle FreeTime, tap the Menu button on the Home screen and select Exit
FreeTime. You will be prompted to enter your Parental Controls password. To access Kindle