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Kindle Paperwhite User's Guide, 3rd Edition


Chapter 5


Word Wise: Display hints above challenging words in many popular
English-language titles. To turn off multiple hints for a word, disable the
Show Multiple-Choice Hints option.

Vocabulary Builder: Allows you to toggle on and off Vocabulary Builder.
Selecting Off will remove Vocabulary Builder from the Home screen.
Note that words you look up are not added to Vocabulary Builder when it
is off.

Page Refresh: Use to set your Kindle to refresh the display every time you turn
the page.

Social Networks: Allows you to link your Kindle to your social network accounts
so you can share highlights with your friends.

Notes & About This Book: Select to manage public notes, popular highlights and
About This Book.

Popular Highlights: Toggle on and off the display of passages that are
most frequently highlighted by others.

Public Notes: Toggle on and off the display of notes and highlights made
by people you follow on


About This Book: Toggle on or off the display of information about the
book when you open it.

The Settings contextual menu

When you're on the Settings page, tapping the Menu button displays additional options:

Shop in Kindle Store: Takes you to the Kindle Store.

Update Your Kindle: Installs the latest software for your Kindle. This option is disabled if
there aren't currently any software updates available on your Kindle.

Restart: Restarts your Kindle. You will not lose the books, clippings, or other files stored on
your Kindle. In the event of your Kindle freezing up, press and hold the Power button for 7
seconds until the Power dialog displays, then select Restart. If the Power dialog does not
display, press and hold for 20 seconds.

Reset Device: Resets your Kindle to its original settings and restarts it. You should select
this action only if instructed to do so by Kindle Customer Service. Before you reset your
Kindle to default settings, you must back up any personal documents that you'd like to
keep. Once your Kindle restarts, you will need to register and download your items from the
Cloud. If you want to passcode-protect your Kindle, you must also set up a passcode again.

Device Info: Displays your device's Wi-Fi MAC address, serial number, network capability,
firmware version and free space available.

Legal: Provides trademark, copyright, and notices about the software installed on your

Sync and Check for Items: Tap to sync your Kindle with your online content.