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Kindle Paperwhite User's Guide, 3rd Edition


Chapter 2

Acquiring & Managing Kindle Content


If you have set up a household and enabled sharing, two new filtering options will appear
under Books:

My Books

Shared Books

To view just your books, select the My Books filter option. To view just the books that the
other adult in your household has shared, select the Shared Books filter option.

You can also filter items that you have stored in the Cloud.

To jump to a specific title or page, go to the Home screen and tap the page number control.
For example, 1/2 indicates you are on page 1 and have 2 pages of content on your Kindle.
When the dialog box displays, enter the page number you want to go to or the first letter of
the title or author (depending on your current sort option).

To view more information about an item and access a menu of applicable options, go to the
Home screen and press and hold on the item’s cover (or name if using list view). Menu
options vary, but may include Add to FreeTime Library, Add to Collection, Go To..&#46,
Search This Book, View Bookmarks, Remove from Device, View on Goodreads and Add to
Goodreads Shelf. Note that you must be signed in to Goodreads on your Kindle to see Add
to Goodreads Shelf.

Cloud Collections

Cloud Collections enables you to organise the content on your Kindle Paperwhite into
customised categories that are stored in the Cloud. Your collections are synced between
other devices and reading apps that are registered to the same Amazon account and that
support Cloud Collections. You can add as many items as you like to each collection,
including books and personal documents. Items can also be added to more than one
collection. For information on devices and apps that support Cloud Collections, go to


To create a new collection:


On the Home screen, tap the Menu button.

2. Select Create New Collection.
3. Use the keyboard to type a name for the collection, then tap OK. A list of the items on your

Kindle that can be added to a collection is displayed.

4. Tap the checkbox next to an item's title to add it to the collection, then tap Done when


You can add or remove items at a later time by tapping on the Menu button when in a
collection and selecting Add/Remove Items. Other options include Rename Collection,
Delete Collection, and visibility settings. To exit a collection, tap the Home or Back button.

To filter the content on your Home screen by collection, tap All Items or the currently
selected filter, and select Collections.