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Kindle Paperwhite User's Guide, 3rd Edition


Chapter 3

Reading Kindle Documents

and presents them in a stack of digital cards organised on a timeline, enabling you to skim
through the clips quickly and view all of the images in one place.

When you're reading a book, press and hold on a character’s name or a place mentioned in
the book to view the corresponding X-Ray topic. You can also tap the top of the screen to
display the secondary reading toolbar and then tap the X-Ray button. If X-Ray is not
available for a book, the button will be disabled. X-Ray will scan your entire book and a
dialog box will display. Tap the People, Terms or Image links to view the results. Tap the
timeline to view notable clips in other parts of the book. Additional excerpts beyond your
furthest page read are hidden until you tap to show all excerpts. Note that X-Ray is not
available for all Kindle books or in all countries. Look for X-Ray Enabled in the Kindle Store
description of the book to find out if a book has X-Ray.

Word Wise

Word Wise, available on many popular English-language titles, makes it easier for readers
learning English and kids reading their first chapter books to understand challenging books
more quickly. When Word Wise is on for an enabled title, short and simple definitions
display above difficult words automatically so you can keep reading without the need to
look up words. To learn more or see the various meanings the same word can have in a
different context, tap the word to display a card with definitions, synonyms and more. Tap
Word Wise in the bottom right corner of the screen and use the slider to adjust the number
of hints you see. To turn on Word Wise, tap the Menu button and select Word Wise.

You may also see multiple-choice hints for words with more than one possible meaning
when we’re not quite sure which is the right one. For those words, we show you our best
guess above the word. When you tap the hint, a list of all possible meanings of the word
display and you can help let us know which one is most helpful in the given sentence. To
turn off Show Multiple-Choice Hints, tap the Menu button, select Word Wise and then
disable Show Multiple-Choice Hints.

Vocabulary Builder

Words you look up in the dictionary are added to Vocabulary Builder automatically. To view
your word list and quiz yourself with flashcards, tap the Vocabulary Builder item on the
Home screen, or select it from the menu either on the Home screen or whilst reading a

To view your word list, tap Words in the top left of the screen. Tap a specific word to view
its definition and a usage example. To view your words by book, tap the Books link.

Each time you tap the Flashcards option, Vocabulary Builder selects a set of words from the
current list and displays them as Flashcards. To view a word's definition, tap See Definition
in the top left corner of the Flashcard. Tap the Learning link on Vocabulary Builder's main
screen to see how many words you are currently learning and how many you have already