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Kindle Paperwhite User's Guide, 3rd Edition


Chapter 3

Reading Kindle Documents

Press, hold and drag the circle forwards or back, or tap on the progress bar, to preview a
new page or location in the book. Use the arrows or swipe within the preview pane to flip
through your book page by page. Navigation tips:

To skim through chapters, tap the arrows.

To return to your original location, tap the X on the preview pane.

To go to the selected location, tap the page you are previewing.

Go To button

You can also navigate through your book using the Go To button on the reading toolbar,
accessible by tapping the top of the screen. The Contents tab displays the book’s contents,
including Beginning, End, and Chapters. Use the Page or Location option to further
navigate to a specific page or location in your book. The options displayed will vary
depending on the content you're reading. Tap the Notes tab to access your notes and

Once you have used the progress bar or the Go To button to navigate through your book,
you can also navigate through your previous reading history. To access this history, swipe
up from the bottom of the screen to display the Reading Navigation toolbar. Options

Back to page/loc x

Forward to page/loc x

Note that this history is cleared when you exit the book.