Kindle Paperwhite (2nd Generation) User Manual

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Kindle Paperwhite User's Guide, 3rd Edition


Chapter 1

Getting Started

Home: Tap to return to the Home screen, where you'll find a list of books and other
content stored on your Kindle.

Back: Tap to retrace your steps. For example, you can follow a link from a book, then tap
the Back button to return to your place in the book.

Screen Light: Tap to access screen light controls. There are several ways to adjust screen

Drag your finger along the slider until you reach the desired setting.

Tap anywhere on the slider to select a specific setting.

Tap the + sign to use a higher light setting, and tap the - sign to use a lower light setting.

Press and hold the + sign to select the standard maximum brightness setting. Tap the Max.
button to temporarily increase the screen brightness even further. Press the - sign to
decrease the brightness setting. Press and hold the - sign to choose the minimum brightness

Kindle Store: Tap to go to the Kindle Store. Your Kindle must have an active Wi-Fi or 3G
connection to use this feature.

Search: Tap to bring up the search field. To exit search, tap the X on the right side of the
search bar.

Goodreads on Kindle: Tap to connect to the Goodreads community on your Kindle to see
what your friends are reading, find book recommendations and keep track of what you’ve
read and want to read. For more information, see

Goodreads on Kindle

. The Goodreads


will not display if:

It is not available in your country of residence or location.

Your device is not yet registered.

Menu: Tap to display a list of options. The menus are contextual, which means they change
to offer appropriate options depending on what you're currently doing with the device. For
example, on the Home screen of a Kindle with Special Offers, menu options may include
Shop Kindle Store, View Special Offers, Kindle FreeTime, Vocabulary Builder, Experimental
Browser, Settings, List or Cover View, Create New Collection, Sync and Check for Items, and
About Collections. Note that you can view content on the Home screen using the default
cover view or by list view.

When you're reading a book, menu options may include Shop Kindle Store, Vocabulary
Builder, Settings, Notes, Portrait or Landscape Mode, About This Book, About the Author,
Sync to Furthest Page Read, Reading Progress and Word Wise. Note that About the Author
is only available for books that support author profile.

Reading toolbar

A secondary toolbar displays when you're reading a book and tap the top of the screen.