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Kindle Paperwhite User's Guide, 3rd Edition


Chapter 1

Getting Started

responsible for maintaining the network you are trying to access. Once you have completed
the setup process, Set Up Your Kindle will no longer appear on your Home screen.

To register a Kindle that has been previously registered, tap the Menu button and select
Settings. On the Settings page, select Registration and Household, then Register/Deregister
Device. If you have enabled Sign-in Approval, you will need to enter your passcode followed
by the security code sent to your phone when you register the device.

Network connectivity

Books, magazines and other content are delivered directly to your Kindle via its built-in
network connectivity. If your Kindle offers both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, use Wi-Fi
whenever possible for faster downloads. You can connect to a Wi-Fi network at home or at
hotspots around the world.

To view available Wi-Fi networks, tap the Menu button and select Settings. On the Settings
page, select Wi-Fi Networks and the name of the network you want to use. If you see a lock
symbol next to the network name, it requires a password. Tap the Rescan button to recheck
for available Wi-Fi networks. Please note that your Kindle does not support connecting to
ad hoc (or peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi networks.

Your Kindle will recognise Wi-Fi networks with a WPS-compatible router. To connect via
WPS, from your Kindle select the wireless network you want to use. Next, press the WPS
button on your router, then select the WPS button on your Kindle during the Wi-Fi setup
process. Once you have connected to a network successfully, the Wi-Fi status indicator will
display the network's signal strength.

Kindle Paperwhite 3G models use the same technology as mobile phones, so they are
dependent on mobile coverage areas. By default, a 3G device will connect to a 3G network
automatically. If there isn't sufficient 3G signal strength, it will connect to a slower GPRS or
EDGE network. Your Kindle turns off 3G automatically when you connect using Wi-Fi. If
you disconnect from a Wi-Fi network or move out of Wi-Fi range, your Kindle will switch
back to 3G automatically.

To turn wireless off, tap the Menu button and select Settings, then toggle Aeroplane Mode
on. Any periodical downloads or other pending updates that require a wireless connection
will occur the next time you turn it back on. Turning on Aeroplane Mode disables both 3G
and Wi-Fi connections.

Special Offers and Sponsored Screen Savers

For Kindle with Special Offers devices, you will receive Special Offers and Sponsored Screen
Savers that display only on the Home screen or screen saver — not within a book. Note that
Special Offers and Sponsored Screen Savers are not available in all countries.

Screen Saver

When your device is sleeping, a Special Offer will be displayed on your screen saver. To see
more details on the offer, wake up your Kindle, then tap the "Tap for Details" area. To