Bookmarks, Downloading files – Kindle Paperwhite (2nd Generation) User Manual

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Kindle Paperwhite User's Guide, 3rd Edition


Chapter 4

Getting More From Your Kindle Paperwhite

When reading an article, there is also an option to switch to Article Mode which changes
the page layout and displays the article in a simple text column, eliminating surrounding
images and ads.


To bookmark a web page, tap the Menu button and select Bookmark this Page. To delete a
bookmark, tap the Menu button and select Bookmarks. Tap the Remove button at the
bottom of the page, tap to select the checkbox next to the URL(s) you want to remove, then
tap the Remove button.

Downloading files

Some websites may have books or documents that you want to download and read on your
Kindle. You will be asked to confirm if you want to download these items to your Kindle
Home screen. Supported file types for downloading include Kindle content (.AZW, .AZW1,
.AZW2, and .AZW3), unprotected Mobipocket books (.MOBI, .PRC), and text files (.TXT).